SPORT 2000, part of ANWR-Garant group in the Netherlands, is a European sports shop franchising formula with over three thousand stores in nineteen countries. Selling a wide range of sports equipment, SPORT 2000 is one of the key players in its respective markets.

In 2020, SPORT 2000 launched multiple marketing campaigns, aimed at seasonal top sports in the Netherlands including Football and Running to promote healthy activities throughout the difficult times of COVID-19, which were allowed during this time.

The initial pilot phase had proven to be a great success, which was later followed up by additional campaigns. Only until shops were forcibly closed, the transition to Online was easily made.


The primary objective throughout each of the campaigns were to drive store visitation uplift along with collecting audience and competitor data insights for future purposes.

Football campaign objectives – FOOTFALL (Pilot)

  • Demonstrate the impact of data-driven audience relevancy approach in the form of uplift (control vs. exposed group);
  • Deliver at least 5,200 incremental store visits within campaign budget;
  • Uplift of at least 80%;

Running campaign objectives – FOOTFALL (follow-up)

  • Deliver at least 850 incremental store visits (in a timeframe of 2 weeks);
  • Uplift of at least 100%.


Audience relevancy was key and the starting point for each campaign. Therefore, data research was performed pre-emptively for every campaign launch including historical analysis, competitor analysis, audience profiling and POI relevancy.

For the football campaign, the typical audience requirements were active football players, football club members and people, including parents visiting the football fields and clubs. Specific partnerships were set up with niche publishers with high reach among the targeted audience. An analysis was done on historical store visits as well as real-time competitor data collection and targeting.

For the running campaign, a similar approach was used, applying to sport parks and running parks along with the use of speedometer to filter out the actual runners as opposed to people walking or idling in the park for too long.

Creative messaging with A/B and multivariate testing over 100 different creatives, ensured maximum insights and ROI optimisation.


Based on the success of the initial Football pilot campaign, a Running campaign was launched immediately after. All targets set, were outperformed by significant margins.

Football campaign results (Pilot)

  • 121% uplift, demonstrating the effectiveness of chosen strategies on the exposed group vs. control group;
  • 8,266 incremental store visits;
  • Number of incremental store visits realised at 159% of target.

Running campaign results (follow-up)

  • 142% uplift on exposed vs. control group;
  • 1,225 incremental store visits;
  • Number of incremental store visits realised at 144% of target.

The performance of both flights convinced SPORT 2000 of the impact of Mobile Journey’s data-driven approach to generate store visitation uplift. Another result was that SPORT 2000 decided to follow-up with an online focused campaign strategy that was proposed, to continue the build-up of valuable consumer data which can be used in a post-COVID-19 situation.

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