Shell Fleet Solutions, part of Shell’s global network and range of services, has taken the step to improved digitisation of its B2B efforts, strengthening its market position by targeting corporate and logistics companies in the Netherlands. Establishing improved brand recognition, whilst collecting valuable data, has led to the ultimate goal of increasing new business leads. Valuable data layer combinations made it possible to precisely deliver customer value propositions (CVP) with tested, highly effective messaging. Based on the initial pilot phase performance of the campaigns per CVP, a strict set of targets for campaign extension, and Always-ON approach were defined and executed. Set targets were outperformed which resulted in multiple follow-up campaigns on CVP-level and new ‘untapped’ markets. Campaigns continue to run as of today, with plans to expand further throughout 2021.


  • Establish brand recognition and obtain valuable data insights;
    • Define best performing audiences and locations per CVP;
    • Define best performing creative messaging;
  • Customer journey flow optimisation;
  • Deliver new business leads more cost-effectively compared to existing channels.
  • Deliver a minimum of 180 new corporate/logistics business leads for Shell’s customer value propositions;
  • Achieve a maximum cost per new business lead at a maximum of € 128.


The key focus was to create audience relevancy and deliver upon the set targets. To achieve this, campaign strategies consisted of multiple data layers. At the core of each CVP, location data was the foundation on which audience profiles, context and creative messaging were layered. Locations of sole traders, mid-sized logistics companies and large corporate buildings were accurately targeted, along with matching seniority or decision-making capabilities. Additionally, serving tailored creative messaging in the right content and/or context successfully contributed to this campaign’s performance. Data derived from proprietary technology, along with third parties for additional verification and data enrichment, enabled high accuracy and provided deeper understanding of the best performing audience variables. The focus CVP’s were: Shell Card, Shell Road Services, Telematics and Shell Fleet app. Each CVP came with a unique set of USP’s, services, features and clientele.

  • The target of 180+ new business leads was exceeded, a total of 327 business leads was generated (182% of target)
  • The cost per new business lead of € 128 was outperformed at € 70.53 (45% less than anticipated)
  • The performance of Mobile Journey’s data-driven B2B approach has led to multiple campaign follow-ups.
Shell Fleet Mobile