In 2020, Selfridges focussed on targeting Chinese tourists for the Chinese New Year, with the main aim to drive additional store visits to its flagship stores across London, Manchester and Birmingham. Targeting Chinese tourists the moment they landed on any of the nearby airports through their favourite apps and sites in their own language was the key to success.

The Mobile Journey campaign was set up, targeting Chinese users with various creatives in the target language including store locators, directing the Chinese tourists to the right stores. The primary focus was to generate store visits.


The primary objective of the campaigns was to drive store visitation uplift along with collecting audience and competitor data insights.

Campaign objectives
  • Target Chinese tourists in their favourite content;
  • Deliver at least 1200 store visits across three stores during four weeks of campaign runtime.


Audience targeting was the primary focus for the campaign. Targeting users only of Chinese origin on the Airports right on the moment they land, was the key to success. To ensure the audience could be reached, some partnerships were set up with suppliers with access to Chinese apps and sites. Along with this, device language, sim origin and other technical device specifics were used to validate the target audience as Chinese users.

Utilisation of dynamic creatives with store locators in Chinese language, enabled content to be precisely placed and direct Chinese users to nearby Selfridges shops.


On all three locations, a strong impact was measured and seen in-store. With the targets exceeded by a stretch. Audience insights were obtained, along with strongest competitors in the area.

Campaign results
  • A total of 1,736 store visits were measured, which is well above the set target (144% of target)
  • Among the top content: China Post, Alibaba, Taobao and many others
  • An overall visitation uplift of 235% was measured in control vs. exposed groups

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