Shell Fleet

Published on: 04 Mar 2021

Brand: Selfridges & Co

Selfridges & Co

In 2020, Selfridges focussed on targeting Chinese tourists for the Chinese New Year, with the main aim to drive additional store visits to its flagship stores across London, Manchester and Birmingham. Targeting Chinese tourists the moment they landed on any of the nearby airports through their...

Shell Fleet

Published on: 02 Mar 2021

Brand: SPORT 2000

SPORT 2000

SPORT 2000, part of ANWR-Garant group in the Netherlands, is a European sports shop franchising formula with over three thousand stores in nineteen countries. Selling a wide range of sports equipment, SPORT 2000 is one of the key players in its respective markets. In 2020, SPORT 2000 launched...

Shell Fleet
Lead Generation

Published on: 14 Feb 2021

Brand: Shell

Shell Fleet Solutions

Shell Fleet Solutions, part of Shell’s global network and range of services, has taken the step to improved digitisation of its B2B efforts, strengthening its market position by targeting corporate and logistics companies in the Netherlands. Establishing improved brand recognition, whilst...

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