The journey is the destination.

Our CEO Ramona Ramdaras founded Mobile Journey in London, United Kingdom in 2017. Ramona soon partnered with Remon Pepers, our Client Technology Officer and Ashley Tromp, our Head of Accounts. We then invited the best tech partners possible to collaborate with. The team transformed data solutions into new media formulas. Our most valuable service offering was soon identified: footfall technology.

We can now reach, measure and optimize online customer journeys to offline stores accurately. We’ve developed new KPI models like Cost Per Incremental Visits (CPIV) and CPEV (Cost Per Exposed Visitor). We build audiences by combining location and other data insights to build standard, premium and bespoke target segments. Post-campaign, we continue to track users to see if they visit specific stores or locations. And our technology allows us to deliver media against live location signals, so we can target users based on their location. It’s a powerful formula that gets results.

We’ve stayed lean on purpose. Being small means that we can move fast. Our agile operation is now channeled into two broad areas of business involvement: development and client requests.

In fact, we work on requests only. We are growing organically through repeat business.

We look forward to ongoing success.