Mobile advertising is a competitive environment, where your banner design must capture the eye of the customer, drive them to the store and encourage them to buy the promoted product. Surely, with the right campaign settings there is a high chance of serving your banners to the correct audience. But will they interact with it by simply looking at the picture, or just scroll and skip past it?

Mobile Journey has vast experience in creating and serving the ads with the best banner design. We are happy to share some of the best tips and tricks with you.

Below there are 10 banner design ideas, on how to make your banners stand out with individual, performance boosting and eye-catching designs.

1. Add an Image to Show What Your Business Can Offer

When a person sees the banner design with big text reading “Buy Now” on the single-coloured background, but nothing more, it kills the idea and desire of learning more about the product. You must show the audience what you’ve got, what they want, “the Product” itself. It can be an image of a pair of shoes, an ice cream or a truck, loaded with furniture. Something that your brand or business can offer and want to promote. Additionally, a good addition would be a call-to-action button, like “Visit our store” or “Click here” so the customers could interact and convert to the landing page or a store. 

2. Improve Your Creatives with Eye-Catching Images and Photos

A strong, captivating image or photo can bring a banner to a whole new level. The human brain instinctively spots the out-of-ordinary things and if a person sees a bright image or amazing picture, the desire to learn more takes control. A good picture will be the first impression which drive attention to the banner, and the following text animation will deliver the message when a person is already interested. Please avoid the text overload on the picture as this can do the opposite effect on the potential customer.

3. Try adding the text blocks to the banners

Having a colourful photo or image can cause some trouble if you need to add text on it. Thus, a perfect solution will be pretty simple – add a contrasting block as a background of the text. This will help you to separate the text from the image and keep all elements readable. Try to avoid the high contrast colours for the text block unless the message is more important than the background image.

4. Mix the Image, Text and Graphics Layers

The process of banner crafting can be full of creativity and inspiration if you let yourself think outside of the box. Try to start from the product image, then add a layer of text and graphics on the medium opacity background like on the example below. You can go even further and bring your product on top of that background to add emphasis to it and catch the customer’s interest.

5. Minimalism as a Key to Customer’s Mind

Sometimes, you want to bring the message, but leave the details behind. Save an ace up the sleeve. Let’s say you have the upcoming collection of sneakers or polo t-shirts, and they will be mind-blowing. You want to build momentum. With the upcoming campaign you still want to drive the attention to the event? The best solution here is to show text or minimal graphic image with the date and/or place of event. There are more different approaches, try to deliver your message with minimalistic design.

6. Your Motto or Logo can become a Branded Banner

Creating a branded banner is always a good thing if you plan to show your new products or services. It also helps to improve the awareness of your business and reach your potential or current customers. Your logo and slogan can also help the person who sees the ad to learn more about your brand and formulate the initial opinion. Sometimes a good motto can also become a catch phrase, and help to drive word of mouth amongst friends.

7. Balance between Attention-Grabbing and Contrasting Colours

As mentioned before, people are more likely to stop scrolling their apps if they see bright, colourful ads. A good designer knows how to emphasise the particular items on the image. So, if you promote a line of goods with saturated colours, try to bring them in front of a contrasted background. A customer will definitely pay attention to it rather than the pale elements of the banner. Also, if you do a text banner, contrasting colours will help with creating the volume and richness of the image.

8. Experiment with the fonts

Usually, the style of the message is equally important as the text itself. Often it depends on the products or services you want to promote. Sometimes it can be nice to accentuate the regular text with bold or italic fonts. Or to experiment with different font styles like in the example below. Choose a striking font and use it for your header, trying out different colours and placements until you find the perfect fit.

9. Go Beyond the standard Image-Text Interaction

A good banner is not always “a text on top, image at the bottom” style. Au contraire, sometimes you need to go further and play with positioning to get some fascinating results. Text doesn’t always need to be crystal clear to get a message across. Consider ways you can turn your type into a part of the design. Go beyond.

10. Movement is the Key to Success

Any static image, no matter how good it is, will lose to an animated version. A banner with a small pop-up button can do more value for the campaign than a set of “ordinary” images only because it feels more “live”. A timely delivered animation can hold the interest of the viewer on a high level and encourage to press the button appearing on the banner. And if you combine it with one or multiple suggestions above, consider it a good investment to the campaign’s success.

These suggestions and ideas are not the calls to immediate implementation, but the inspirational guide to attractive and productive banner creation. Feel free to experiment and combine them to get the best results for your business and campaigns.

All examples shown in this article reflect the best practices of Mobile Journey’s advertising campaigns. And the Creative and Design department are always here to help the clients with visualising their ideas into value adding banners.  

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