As marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to engage with consumers. With the growth of the digitalisation of the folder, new benefits for marketers are evident. In this article, the mobile folder and the associated marketing benefits are explored.


The printed folder has become more and more unpopular among consumers along with restrictions that prevent unwanted mail from entering mailboxes. Additionally, an eco-friendly future perspective also aims at reducing print and emissions that come with the production of it.

The obvious step here, is the digitisation of the folder enabling advertisers to reach consumers online on their preferred mobile device. This comes with many great benefits, as it is not just a way to promote a wider range of products, but it also allows advertisers to gain much better understanding of their target audience through data.


1. Every product, image and call-to-action is trackable and can be tied to the target audience. This yields tremendous insights on interest, product preference and helps to map out the customer orientation process. It can also lead to interesting methods to follow-up with the target audience and to see the impact, not only online but also offline.

2. Consumers who receive and interact with the digital folder will have the ability to opt-in to share data and obtain access to exclusive deals or simply a wide range of products. Upon interacting with any of the products, deals or other important call to actions, the consumer’s activity can be logged and stored.

3. Effectively, this allows for custom audience segmentation based on interest, but also applies to footfall measurement. Consumers that interacted with the folder can be tracked, the moment they visit one or more of the advertisers’ physical locations and be attributed to the marketing efforts of the advertiser


How the mobile folder offers more than the original printed folder?

  • Collect immediate insights on user interests and behaviours which can be used to create audience segments for multiple purposes:
    • Retargeting;
    • Cross- and Up-selling;
    • Creating look-a-like profiles based on high converting consumer behaviour and interests;
  • Drive direct online website visits and improve online conversions.
  • Provide in-store footfall attribution leading to improved ROI.
    Increase your ROI in real-time through multiple data sets and optimisations.
  • Capture every interaction and connect them to desired outcomes, creating rich data insights.

This opens the door to a high level of understanding of user behaviour and adds incredible value to any advertiser’s marketing strategy.

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