Attracting audiences for advertisers is never the easiest thing at the best of times. With Mobile Display Advertising, benefits such as personalisation, location-based targeting, cost-effectiveness, ensure that mobile is an effective marketing channel to promote products and services. Here are five key benefits of Mobile Display Advertising:

Personalisation and Location-Based

With high smartphone ownership across Europe (smartphone penetration is over 60% in most countries), we can always know where a person is located. Due to this, marketers often use location-based marketing.

The connectivity of smartphones has enabled not only to serve personalised ads but gather vast amounts of user data on behaviours, drivers and preferences, thanks to their smartphone.

Advertisers and marketers are able to be more specific with ads, adjusting advertisements precisely to one person, based on their insights including previous purchase history or location.

This can result in improved relevancy based on whether users have opted-in or out and advertisers can serve more appropriate ads, and this also improves user engagement.

Furthermore, through personalisation, this type of marketing is highly effective, reaching your audience at the most opportune times and locations during their day.

With the iOS 14.5, there will be some disruption as users will be able to opt-out and the user identifier (IDFA) will no longer be trackable for advertisers. There will solutions such as the Apple SKAdNetwork which will allow advertisers to track installs and of course, many users will also remain Android users.


One of the crucial benefits of mobile advertising is immediate engagement. Mobile ads can be super precise and enable advertisers to reach their audience at a very definite moment, ideally within a specific context. Moreover, advertisers can produce an ad that inspires immediate engagement at any time as audiences carry their smartphones with them throughout the day and this is unique to this channel.

An example is for a lunch deli place, the best timing to show an ad is in the mid-morning whereas a coffee merchant may choose to focus ads first thing in the morning. Additionally, it would help if you had a memorable Call-to-Action that is going to drive the audience to buy coffee or buy lunch from those advertisers at that time.

Reach and access

With more than 4 billion people worldwide owning and using smartphones, the reach of audiences is vast for advertisers. Moreover, often people spend more time on their smartphones than on computers or laptops.

These are key reasons why many advertisers decide to focus on reaching consumers using smartphones. The accessibility of smartphones ensures that your ad campaigns can be shown immediately and are easily accessed by users.

Creativity and interactivity

People like contests or games. That’s why using gamification in mobile marketing makes it more creative, as well as interactive. Mobile ads usually provide a better quality of advertisement, with more pleasing visuals or graphics. By combining targeted advertising with compelling formats, they focus on providing customers with more and more engaging content.

With that in mind, marketers can make their target group spend a little more time with the brand, boosting the overall engagement time. This creative and interactive side of mobile ads provides a bridge between the advertiser’s solutions and customers’ needs.


Last but not least, one of the most important benefits of mobile advertising from the advertiser side is costs. Unlike many mass media channels, where extensive reach is possible, there is limited wastage in mobile advertising and even for ads that do not result in engagement (e.g. clicks, purchase), being seen and brand awareness amongst the specific required target audience is important too.

Due to targeting, you only reach audiences that want and need to see a specific ad and you do not suffer from the core drawback of mass media in that you invest significant money taking on the risk of significant marketing budget wastage.

Adding mobile advertising into a perfect channel mix ensures that advertisers that wish to cast a “wide net” through mass media channels, can also benefit from the targeting options available to mobile advertising to reach the most pertinent audiences.

For the budget threshold to do a pilot campaign and from a creative and production standpoint, Mobile Display advertising is much more efficient than channels such as TV, OOH or Radio whilst providing similar price points as other digital channels.

Furthermore, unlike larger media channels, when something is not working in mobile advertising, you can save money by removing publishers or elements through optimisation or in the worst case, stopping the campaign.

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