New customer aquisition // Footfall

  • CTR: 0.40%
  • Visits: 6.5k
  • Unique Users 650k
  • Uplift: 264%

For this campaign, we employed location-based advertising, ensuring that customers around the stores received targeted messages. This approach yielded 650k unique users. Leveraging store-locator featured creatives, we successfully guided in-market audiences to Gamma stores throughout the year, resulting in almost 6,5k visits and a click-through rate of 0.40%. This strategy significantly contributed to an overall improvement in visitation.

The client required measurement of customers’ dwell time in the store, crucial for understanding and optimizing the overall customer experience. During the campaign period, it was determined that approximately 80% of customers led into stores with our ads spent an average of 10 minutes on-site, serving as a valuable reference point. The overall uplift of the Always On campaign was an impressive 264%.

Are you interested in running a campaign that is able to measure footfall results?