About us

Who we are 

More value – bigger picture. 

As Mobile Journey charts its course through the exciting and ever-evolving landscape of location-based services, our commitment to user connections, innovation, qualified network and transparency stays strong. Our continuous learning remains steadfast.  

At Mobile Journey, where innovation meets precision in location-based marketing solutions, as a managed service provider, we specialize in performance marketing strategies, leveraging the latest in Digital Out-of-Home and Mobile Device synchronization technologies.

With a focus on real-time data analytics, we navigate the dynamic landscape of consumer behavior, ensuring your brand’s message reaches the right audience, at the right time, and in the right place. 

How we work 

We make location-based advertising more effective and efficient.

Our years of experience with various platforms, makes us an ideal partner for location targeting. The combination of strategic thinking, creative powers and technical expertise results in an optimal outcome for advertisers. 

Today’s world is empowered by AI solutions, however, without an experienced supervision – an AI tool is just another instrument. And the best results are achieved when a skilled specialist knows how to utilize the AI capabilities to their fullest.

We highly value innovation and we aim to integrate AI in our day-to-day workings. We see that the integration of AI will increase in the upcoming years, therefore we strive to focus on improving our AI integration as well, because we believe that without constant innovation, we will not be able to achieve the best results for our clients in the future. With AI new heights can be achieved. 

Local, Digital & Programmatic 

We thrive to utilize the existing marketing tools, related to location-based advertising, as well as constantly seeking new products and services, exploring promising technologies.

Our solution is based on digital services, such as Digital Out Of Home, Mobile Display advertising, along with different media channels, such as Connected TV and powered with various data providers.  

Using a variety of different channels and location-targeting tools, such as DOOH-Footfall and Household sync, DOOH generated audiences, and GPS-ruled precision, we help potential customers enable their campaigns to reach next-level performance. 


Our prices are CPM oriented, and they are dependent on multiple factors, such as targeted audiences, creatives building, additional technologies included and the quality of publishers we serve your ads on.

This means that we build a reasonable pricing offer based on the initial discussion with you as the client. Furthermore, we do not charge our clients for our services separately, but rather include the costs in the CPM.