Location-based mobile display advertising is a targeted marketing approach that tailors advertisements to users based on their geographical location. Harnessing the power of GPS technology in smartphones and tablets, advertisers can deliver hyper-localized content, making campaigns more relevant and engaging for consumers. 

DOOH is a powerful advertising format that allows for real-time updates, flexibility in content scheduling, and the ability to display dynamic, engaging and interactive content. Advertisers can leverage motion graphics, video, animations, and interactive elements to capture the audience attention and enhance brand experiences. 

Drive-to-store is a powerful tool and metric that allows advertisers to measure the impact of online ads on driving customers to physical store locations. This feature leverages insights from users who have clicked on an online ad and subsequently visited a brick-and-mortar store. 

Connected TV presents a unique opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience through digital advertising on streaming platforms. Advertisers can leverage data-driven insights to tailor their campaigns to specific demographics, interests, and viewing behaviors. 

With the increasing prevalence of mobile payments and the growing popularity of digital wallets, these advertisements play a crucial role in consumer engagements. Wallet ad advertisement focuses on digital wallets or mobile payment apps. 


Here is where the benefits of our location-based proposition start to show up.


Having the right data and knowing what to do with it can explain the trickiest mysteries of the Universe.

Luckily for our clients – we have both the data and the experience on our side. We make sure that we use the privacy- and GDPR-compliant data sources for our campaigns, along with interpreting the campaign results in a most insightful way. Whether you plan the campaign or want to assess the results – data is the key element.

And we know how to serve it right. 


Raw numbers, excel files, PDFs – yes, we know how much suffering they can bring to our business life.

Hence, we have decided to make our clients’ lives easier and developed a solid approach – interactive dashboards, with all relevant information shared the day after you start the campaign.

No more waiting, unsorted or unclear data – our state-of-the-art dashboards are customizable, built specifically for your needs and display every bit of information, including heatmaps, live banners and insights from the operations team on the vital points of your campaigns.  

Omni Channel

An omnichannel marketing approach integrates various channels, such as physical stores, CTV, DOOH, social media, emails, and apps to engage customers seamlessly. It caters to individual preferences and needs, recognizing that customers move across channels.

Our location-based advertising proposition enhances this strategy by leveraging geo-related data to deliver personalized, contextually relevant experiences.

By targeting users based on their location, businesses can drive meaningful interactions and grow valuable relationships.


We currently have two unique ways to synchronize the omnichannel campaigns – Household Sync for CTV campaigns and DOOH sync with Mobile Display.

The first one allows us to increase brand impact by synchronizing ads on Connected TV with ads on other devices in the household. The other one enables us to retarget the people who were in close vicinity to the DOOH screens when the ads were shown and serve them with the Mobile Display display ads, making it possible to measure them as visitors when they go to the clients’ stores.

These two features greatly contribute to the possibility of full scope, omnichannel reach for our clients. 


With the solutions of creative industry leaders, such as Celtra, we are able to create lightweight, fast-loading banners – highly visible, customizable and captivating, they can be enriched with the dynamic features, such as weather or location-related advertising capabilities.

Whether it’s a video, image or audio – we will make sure your message will be served straight to your potential customer.

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